weekly_status.pl - Script to send weekly status emails to managers


        ./util/weekly_status.pl        # normal production execution
        ./util/weekly_status.pl DEVEL  # run in development enviornment
        # run in development enviornment, specifying a date range and a user id
        ./util/weekly_status.pl DEVEL 2006-10-25 2006-10-31 77


This script sends an email status report to managers who have the ``weekly_status'' authorization from the ``authz_employee'' database table. The email is a text version of the ``Team View'' page for the most recent week.

This script gets executed on a cron similar to this:

        0 23 * * 6 /var/www/wtf/util/weekly_status.pl

Running this script in DEVEL mode will cause it to use the development database and send all the emails to the administrator.

By adding on two date ranges and a user ID, the script emails a report based on the date range to the user specified, provided that user has the appropriate authorization.

        ./util/weekly_status.pl DEVEL 2006-10-25 2006-10-31 77


weekly_status.pl depends on the following modules:


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