Work Tracking Facilitator

The Work Tracking Facilitator (WTF) is a simple project time tracking system designed to minimize the amount of time a given end-user has to spend tracking daily time spent on project and non-project tasks. The goal of the system is to limit as much as possible the burden on the end-user who must track their time.

WTF is intended for medium to small companies (less than 1000 users). It is not intended to be a comprehensive tracking system. Rather, it intentionally cuts corners and makes certain assumptions so that for the use-cases it supports, it may be most efficient.

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Configuration and Enviornment

WTF is written in Perl and runs in Apache2 under mod_perl2. Its data store is a MySQL database. To aid in efficiency, WTF connects to and synchronizes with a Bugzilla database for user accounts and project lists.

The WTF environment must consist of:

Although WTF should in theory run on different operating systems, it has only been tested on Linux (specifically Debian and CentOS).

An instance of Bugzilla is required for WTF to properly function. Although WTF does not necessarily require Bugzilla code, it does assume the existence of a functional Bugzilla database (in MySQL) from which it can pull user account information and open projects.

When WTF synchronizes with the Bugzilla database, it checks the user account table and open bugs. Bugs that have the component of "Tracking" and are not marked "Closed" should display as open projects in WTF. Against these users are allowed to track time.